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5 Fun DIY Ideas for Your Home This Spring

Do-it-yourself projects aren’t just for the artists and craftsmen, and they don’t need to be intimidating. If you’re looking to liven up your home while saving some money, use the changing seasons as an opportunity to get out of that décor rut.  Indulge your creative side with these fun Spring DIY ideas.

Five Easy Spring DIY ideas:

1. Mason jars are a staple in the world of DIY because their endless amount of household uses! One of the simplest ways to bring a little life into any room using a mason jar is by turning it into a cute vase for plants and flowers. You probably already have some jars in your fridge or cabinets just waiting to be revamped.

Here are some Spring inspired jars:

2. Details, details, details. It’s surprising what a difference the smallest details can make. Try swapping out knobs, handles, and other hardware on your furniture with others that better match your personal style. Or, use ribbon or napkin rings to hang your shower curtains for a more luscious feel in the bathroom.

Here’s an effortless way to dress up boring light switch covers:

3. If you’re needing a little extra color to brighten up a dull or blank wall, don’t be afraid to let your inner artist out! Painting a custom art display may sound like a daunting task, but don’t underestimate the beauty of simplicity. If you can paint a line, you can make wonderful art for your home!

Give this ombre painting a try:

4. Do you often find yourself rummaging through messy, over-packed bathroom drawers and shelves? We could all use a little extra storage in our bathrooms. If you need more room for toiletries and bathroom supplies, try turning affordable baskets into shelves! Baskets like these can be found at your nearest dollar store and are really simple to mount. Not to mention, they look great.

Learn how to transform baskets into useful storage here:

5. We get so caught up in the excitement of decorating the inside of a new space, that we often overlook the outside! Showcase your personality while showing your porch some love with these simple and creative do-it-yourself door mat ideas.

Get started here: