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DIY Patio Furniture

With the weather beginning to warm up, you may find yourself spending more time outside. Whether you have a large deck or a small patio, there are plenty of DIY ideas out there to create the perfect outdoor space.

DIY Bench

Two words: wooden pallets. If you can get your hands on a few of these, you’d be amazed at all the possibilities. You can stack them and add casters to make a portable table or you can use them as a base for a big cushion. Feeling especially brave?  Try to recreate this bench out of wooden pallets. Get creative!

DIY Fold Away Table

If your space is a little smaller, you can create a seasonal bar top that can fold away when not in use. Follow this tutorial to see how to build and install this handy piece of furniture, and you can change the dimensions based on your space.

DIY Bar Stool

You can also create your own bar stools for that space with minimum supplies and effort and help from this ridiculously simple tutorial.  This requires some cement, wooden dowels, and a bucket. As mentioned in the tutorial, you can adjust the thickness of the legs by going with a thicker dowel, but you can also use any three or four wooden pieces of equal size, and can even make them longer for a taller stool. Another fun idea could be to use a large square bucket for the seat shape, in place of a round one.

DIY Fold Away Chair

For more portable seating that you can fold away, you can follow this folding camp stool tutorial. The design is scalable and can also work as a table!

DIY Canopy

Once the seating is taken care of, you have some other ideas to consider. If your outdoor space leaves you uncovered from the sun or is just lacking shade, try out this easy idea. You can create your own canopy in a number of ways, as demonstrated in the helpful tutorial.

DIY Trellis

Another nice touch for your outdoor space is this alternative to a trellis, with several eye hooks and picture hanging wire.  This simple idea can create a whimsical, rose-covered effect for your patio.

Every DIY project allows for a little bit of personalization. Many small design choices can be altered to fit your space and style. You can tackle whatever projects you feel comfortable with and transform your outdoor space into the perfect place to hang out all season.

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