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Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is often described as the Birthplace of the California Gold Rush. We can thank Captain John Sutter for that. Sutter, a Swiss immigrant on the run from debtor’s prison, was allowed to settle in the Sacramento Valley after agreeing to take Mexican citizenship. He soon built a fort which he named after himself –…


Fresno, CA: Vibrant and Alive

Fresno, CA was founded in 1872 by the Central Pacific Railroad.  Less than twenty years later, Fresno grew to support a population of 10,000 people.  Many residents were drawn to the area by abundant farm land, temperate weather, and (of course!) the omnipresent lure of striking it rich in the gold mines.  “Fresno” means “ash…


California Natural Gas

Peak Six Power and Gas is excited to get started in California! We’re currently enrolling California natural gas customers. Are you a PG&E customer searching for a new natural gas supplier? It’s easy to sign-up with Peak Six Power and Gas. To get started: 1. Check for your lowest natural gas rate here. 2. Submit…


Natural Gas Leaks

Natural gas leaks are rare, but they can have very serious consequences.  Use your senses to detect a natural gas leak in your home or business.  If you detect any of the below issues, immediately move to a safe place and call 911.  Do not turn on or off any lights or appliances, including a…